Our SACC program serves the Richmond County Public School district and is intended not only to care for your child before and/or after school, but we also want your child to do their best.  That is why after a snack and a chance to have some free time in the afternoons, we work on homework and special activities, such as field trips, that further your child’s education.

The morning is a quiet time to wake up and get ready for the day!  By the time we get to school we are ready to work!  In the afternoon, we return from school and eat a snack!  Then we begin our homework & tutoring sessions designed for your child’s grade level.  During this time we will let your child complete his/her homework and if necessary, use this time to practice needed skills based on that homework.  Next we have a group activity based on our themes for the quarter.  We might listen to a story and create a reader’s theater, play around the world with our math facts, or even test our science skills with experiments!  What we love the most is playing outside!  We have a giant field and blacktop space to play different sports and games.  It's a great way to get out all that pent up energy!  As our day winds down, we find quiet activities that reinforce what we are learning about in school.  Each child works at his or her level and works on mentoring other students!

Tutoring is an included part of our program and if your child needs help with something specific we are here to help.  If you need specific tutoring help for your child, please speak with Ms. Sara so we can find out what your child needs and how we can best help your child to meet his/her goals.

Public School Closings, Delays, and Early Dismissals
We publish our annual calendar each school year that gives you all the dates that we will be closed.  During inclement weather we do our best to try to open, but we want to make sure that everyone can travel safely!  We do our best to make sure that winter and spring breaks are full of fun... and a little bit of learning!  Our Summer Camp is amazing!  Make sure to check out the Summer Camp page for more information!