Here at Cuddlebugs our twos class focuses on social and emotional growth.  Everyone likes to call this age the "terrible twos", but we disagree.  Children this age need guidance and multiple opportunities to practice social/emotional skills.  Without these vital skills, children have a harder time focusing on learning.

Cuddlebugs continues our commitment to fostering a relationship with you that is built on trust and open communication.  As a parent in the Twos program you will receive daily feedback about your child's day verbally from your child's classroom teachers and weekly reports that are available at anytime for you to look over.  We want you to feel comfortable sharing concerns and needs, so that we can help each other be the best we can be.

Devoted Teachers
Research has shown that a strong, secure attachment to a nurturing adult can have a protective biological function, helping a growing child withstand the ordinary stress of daily life. You will have peace of mind knowing that your child will have teachers who will build a loving relationship with him or her.

Individualized Learning Experiences
Teachers create lesson plans based upon our curriculum which was developed as a segway into our preschool program.  Each month our twos have a social theme, a color, and a shape that they focus on.  The Twos curriculum promotes emotional, physical, and cognitive growth through themed activities and books based on each months themes.  Your child's trained teachers design lesson plans specifically for your child that help them move toward their next developmental milestones through art projects and other activities that help them to grow.  Periodic progress reports will give you the opportunity to evaluate your child’s growth and progression, and to share in the joy as he or she reaches the next stage of development.

A Loving Environment
We truly believe your child will learn best in a loving environment.  We implement this philosophy into everything we do, from the materials in the classroom to loving interactions. Daily schedules for our twos move into a similar schedule to our preschool class.  This class is where your child will begin to work on potty training.  We introduce the children to the potty by letting them get comfortable in the bathroom.  If a child is hesitant, we go at their pace and work with the children based on the parents wishes.